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UK Success

MM Model UK Key Policy Recommendation Successes 

Acting as a catalyst, Nobel Laureate economist Sir James Mirrlees (M), and Fortune Forum charity founder Renu Mehta (M) devised a set of Government policy recommendations, the MM Aid Model in their joint pursuit of dramatically increasing the volume of aid, optimizing its effectiveness and by applying appropriate accountability of these funds. The MM Model’s core ideas that have been taken up by the UK Government include:

  1. For Government to utilise its aid budget to match fund and therefore attract private sector donations (from individuals, corporations and foundations). These concepts have been adopted and developed by former Department for International Development (DFID) whereby the UK Government matches public donations in partnership with, and in support of charity appeals through the formation of their flagship UK Aid Match.
  2. To set up a Private Sector Department to optimise and service sizable donations, also for defined match-funded initiatives such as their Gavi Matching Fund and Malaria Matching Fund.
  3. Our other recommendations made to DFID include the setting up of an Independent Audit of Aid and an Innovation Fund, this was followed by their creation of Independent Commission for Aid Impact (ICAI) as well as a Global Innovation Fund.

DFID developed our MM Model’s central ideas and implemented these UK policy successes which has collectively unlocked over £500m of Government matched funding and counting, positively impacting over 100m lives. Building on this, our aim now is to work with DFID’s successor the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) towards greater UK implementation as well as cooperating with us to ‘export’ these successes to scale up aid matching globally.

real aid milestones. Prime minister Gordon Brown Endorses project, Disparity Film Starts Production

These Milestones represent the provenance of our centrepiece MM Aid Model policy and demonstrates our pivotal influence on the genesis of UK Aid Matching policies which has spawned more than £500m of funding for trusted charities, impacting over 100 million lives across the globe. These Milestones are thus the precursor to the formation of this Real Aid initiative.

Matching Impact

The reporting below is for the period from 2011 -2015 only, so as to illustrate the power of these government matching programmes that leverage private sector donations together with the expertise of exceptional Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) working on the ground.

Aid Matching Success in Fighting poverty, 109 million lives reached
Vaccine matching fund success - 51 million lives reached
Vaccination in developing country
Sight and blindness NGO 5 millions punds matched, 44 million lives reached
NGO 10 million pounds matched,NGO 17 million pounds matched
Farming NGO 3 million pounds matched
Various NGO over 7 million pounds raised
Poverty and Sanitation NGO 3 million pounds matched
Various NGO over 9 million pounds raised
Child poverty and health NGO 5 million pounds matched
Various NGO 2 million pounds matched
Small business NGO 4 million pounds matched
Various NGO 1 million pounds matched
Women and children NGO 2.7 million pounds matched
Various NGO over 1 million pound matched
Water sanitation NGO over 9 million pounds matched
Various NGO over 1 million pound matched
NGO half a million pound matched