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DISPARITY Movie: Exposing the $150bn Poverty Industry + Inspiring Solutions, Inequality Documentary –  Over ¾ million YouTube views

Featuring 9 Nobel Laureates, Noam Chomsky, Ben Kingsley & an All Star Cast, Disparity Film examines the biggest issues of our time; structural poverty and income inequality. It shows how governments & big business use billions of our taxpayers’ money for their own gain & unveils major solutions to unlock billions for charity, to help save & lift millions of lives. With over ¾ million views, Disparity is subtitled in 10 languages and is exclusively available for free viewing & sharing here on this Youtube link below and YouTube page here Watch Disparity now.

Our self-distribution strategy, where we have foregone income, allows us to show the Film’s featured experts’ extended interviews, so that audiences who have an appetite to drill deeper can learn more, not only about the issues explored in the film but a much broader set of new related topics that there simply wasn’t time for in the Feature Film. Here, the calibre of these experts and their specialist areas of work just enthral you with their grasp of their subjects. Our contributors are from every continent on the planet and together they offer a truly global perspective.

HE José Ramos-Horta Video
Nobel Peace Laureate, Former President of Timor-Leste

Topics:- Wealth Inequality, Remittances, Political Corruption, Official Development Assistance (ODA), Government Bureaucracy, Tied Aid, Country Infrastructure, World Bank, Government Austerity, Public Accountability, Developing Country Failures, United Nations (UN), European Union, Water crisis, NGO’s, Children rights, UN Agencies, Grassroots Support.

Philippe Leruth Video
International Federation of Journalists, Former President

Topics:- Press Freedom, Global Examples of Government Propaganda, Journalist’ Dangers, Heroism, Persecution, Repression, Detention and Killings. Democracy, Sensationalist News, Foreign Aid in the Media, Aid Reporting Influencing Public Opinion and Policy Change, International Federation of Journalists Role in Protecting Journalist Working Conditions, Pay and Rights. Media with Vested Interests.

Prof. Abhijit Banerjee Video
Nobel Laureate for Economics,
Poverty Action Lab Co-Founder, MIT

Topics:- Inequality, Aid Progress, Tied Aid, Real Aid, Economic Growth, NGOs, Microfinance, Randomised Controlled Trials, Social Entrepreneurship.

Prof. Noam Chomsky Video
Prof. Linguistics & Philosophy, MIT

Topics:- Social Mobility, Inequality, Political Power, Popular Mobilisation.

Sir Paul Collier Video
Prof. Economics and Public Policy, Oxford University

Topics:- Conflict Trap, Infrastructure, Secrecy Havens, Shell Companies, IMF, World Bank, Bi-Lateral Aid, Private Investment, Overseas Remittances, Tied Aid, Evaluation, NGOs.

Amir Dossal Video
UN Office for Partnerships Former Director, Global Partnerships Forum Chair

Topics:- United Nations Overview, Sustainable Development Goals, Millennium Development Goals, Multi Stakeholder Partnerships, Peace Keeping, Corporate Social Responsibility, Millennials, Philanthropy giving, Technology, Climate Change, UN Campaigns.

Prof. Ian Goldin Video
Former World Bank Vice President

Topics:- Global Threats, Globalisation Effect, Migration Flows, Refugees Crisis, Financial Institutions, NGO’s, Bilateral Aid, Multilateral Aid, Aid Progress, Africa Aid, Income Inequality, Life Expectancy.

Dr. Mo Ibrahim Video
Telecoms Billionaire, Philanthropist

Topics:- Africa, Natural Resources, Governance, Inequality, Rule of Law, Economic Opportunity, Human Development ,Human Rights, Infrastructure, Democracy Institutions, Corruption, Corporate Governance, Anonymous Companies, Aid Transparency, Illicit Financial Flows, Tied Aid, Mo Ibrahim Foundation, International Governance, UN Security Council, African Excellence in Leadership, Mo Ibrahim Index.

Tawakkol Karman Video
Nobel Peace Laureate, Human Rights Activist

Topics:- Women’s Rights, Sustainable Development, Make Peace, Stop Injustice, Democracy, Rule of Law, Conflicts, Global Terrorism, Press Freedom, Arms Industry, Dictators, Social Revolution.

Kerry Kennedy Video
Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights President

Topics:- Human Rights, Political Rights, Haiti Aid,  Water, Bush Administration Cover Up, Food Aid, Transparency, Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Centre, Speak Truth to Power Education Programme, Civil Rights.

Jan Pronk Video
Former Minister for Development, The Netherlands

Topics:- Imperial Colonialism, United Nations, Inequality, Development Cooperation, Finance Institutions, The Environment, Conflict, Peace & Security, Peace Operations, Refugees, Tied Aid, Political Lobbying, International Solidarity, Public Mobilization, Political Aid, International Trade, WTO, Agricultural Production, Multilateral Organisations, NGOs’, Progress.

Kailash Satyarthi Video
Nobel Peace Laureate, Childrens’ Campaigner

Topics:- Child Slavery, Collective Citizen Action, Youth Activism, Shared Humanity, Peace, Spiritual Liberation, Activist Philosophy.

Salil Shetty Video
Amnesty International & UN Millennium Campaign Former Secretary General

Topics:- Human Rights, Amnesty international, Arab Spring, Millennium Development Goals, Accountability, Technology, Inequality, Political Participation, Tied Aid.

Prof. Peter Singer Video
Prof. Bioethics, Princeton University

Topics:-Top Philanthropists, Private Giving, Charity Efficiency, Poverty Progress, Super-Rich, Giving Pledge, Multinational Corporations, Matching Funds, Giving Ethics.

Clare Short Video
Former Secretary of State for International Development, UK

Topics:- Rationale for Aid, Tied Aid, Military Spending, Corruption, Foreign Policy, NGOs’, Aid Cuts, Public Perceptions about Aid Spending, Aid Success, Multi-Lateral Aid, Budgetary Support / Bi-Lateral Aid, Resource Curse, Philanthropy, Private Sector.

Hernando de Soto Video
Institute for Liberty & Democracy President

Topics:- Wealth Creation, Division of Labour, Undocumented Immigrants, Informal Sector, Property Rights, Arab Spring, Rule of Law, World Bank, Bi-Lateral Aid, Tied Aid, Private Sector, Abuse of Property Law, Political Power.

Dr Danny Sriskandarajah Video
CIVICUS World Alliance for Citizen Participation Former Secretary General

Topics:- Inequality, Social Justice, IMF, World Bank, Citizen Power, CIVICUS; The Global Alliance for Civil Society, Community Activism and Online Activism, Big Business, NGOs.

Prof. Lord Stern Video
Prof. of Climate Change Economics, LSE, Stern Review Author

Topics:- Climate Change, Population Growth, Urbanisation, Food Production, Land Management, Aid Success Stories, World Bank, IMF, Tied Aid, Inequality, The Millennium Development Goals, NGOs’,  Corruption.

Prof. Joseph Stiglitz Video
Nobel Laureate Economics, Former World Bank Chief Economist

Topics:- Africa, China Aid, Inequality, Transparency, World Bank, IMF, NGO’s, Budgetary Support, Conditionality, Bankruptcy Injustice, Inequitable Global Reserve System, Education Sector, Health Care, Bilateral Aid.

Prof. Muhammad Yunus Video
Nobel Peace Laureate, Grameen Bank Founder

Topics:- Income Disparity, Economic Opportunity, Grameen Bank, Microfinance, Social Business, Women Empowerment, Entrepreneurship, Technology, Employment, Human Greed.

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