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This independently produced Disparity Feature documentary Film will bypass the traditional Film industry and be directly available to the public for immediate free viewing and sharing on YouTube. Why? Because we believe that a powerful grassroots movement can shape a global Real Aid agenda in pursuit of more democratic, equal and just societies.

This is an urgent message to citizens’ who are key to this aid transformation. We are stronger in numbers and can give voice to the voiceless so we can stand in solidarity with those who have been isolated and ignored for far too long. Here we will post actions taken by remarkable influencers who are harnessing their voice, intrepid activism and networks to amplify the voices for Real Aid and social justice.

This is a sample tweet for every concerned citizen to post: –

WATCH Disparity Film featuring 9 Nobel Laureates to see how the $150bn Foreign aid industry uses our money. Millions of us need to Take the #DisparityChallenge To Swap 2 hours of Entertainment to make a stand for Equality #ourdisparity https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sas7-kT-IdI

Luminaries who have shared our message pass on their courage, inspiration and vision of working together in our shared mission of reversing appalling global disparities.

Host a Disparity Screening, celebrity influencers, Stephen Fry, Michael Douglas, Deepak Chopra
Take the Disparity Challenge, #DisparityChallenge