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Citizens Actions

The Real Aid Campaign is a global rallying call for governments to clean up the global aid system to power millions of effective charities working on the ground. We are urging citizens; ordinary people and policymakers alike to watch the Disparity film and to sign up to the online letter.

We are empowering citizens and civil society to host private Disparity film screenings so that you can share the film’s message with your community and persuade them to act fast with solidarity in order to speed up development and reach scale.

People care about saving lives but they also feel that the situation is doomed and that things will never change. Well actually, an informed citizenry has the power to help create a world where almost everyone has a chance to prosper. They just need to be informed and inspired because it’s difficult to stop a movement energised by its people when empowered and united.

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If enough citizens form a critical mass around the world, their voices would influence governments to respond leading to sweeping and systematic changes in aid policy. Geography doesn’t matter because everyone is a stakeholder in improved Foreign Aid. But a massive, connected global response is essential to drive the Real Aid Campaign, to bring justice to an unfair aid system. If enough of us get behind it now we can defeat poverty.

You can explore this section of the website to carry out high impact actions to place you at the forefront of driving Real Aid for millions of people who have been left behind.

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