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Before we look at the MM Aid Model

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How do WE Fund Foreign Aid?

Global Private Giving
to International
Causes (PDA) 2



Graphic showing misuse of foreign aid budget



Richer Governments’
Foreign Aid Budgets (ODA)1

While YOU give money directly to charities that work overseas, be concerned about Government aid
effectiveness – because it represents the bulk of OUR aid money paid in taxes.

It’s OUR Aid; billions of dollars. It’s billions of LIVES on the line.

What’s the Problem?

Despite the billions spent on Foreign Aid and the tremendous progress it has achieved, poverty continues to blight billions of lives because Government Aid doesn’t work as well as it should. This is not just because of the amount of money spent on aid is too little, but because too much aid is spent ineffectively.

It is estimated that only around half of that Aid reaches the people on the ground due to losses to theft, corruption, poor project design and excessive administration costs. Aid is often misdirected due to tying to political and commercial interests. There is enough money and solutions to go round.

We need Bigger and Better Aid. Real Aid.

THE MM AID MODEL MANIFESTO Donor Governments should:-

Match our Inputs – Attract private donations by offering matching funds from existing Aid budgets, from which at least 10% should be allocated for matching NGO appeals. This would nearly DOUBLE Global Government Aid to overseas NGOs and Agencies’ projects AND would boost private giving to overseas aid. 

Clean up aid  – Aid should serve the poor, not tied to serve donor, trade and political priorities. Corruption, fraud, waste and high administration costs must be reduced. The quality of aid is as important as the quantity.

Accountable Outputs  – Aid should be delivered to the best performing projects, dispersed through an independent, coordinated, transparent and competitive process. Aid should be properly evaluated, more effective and fully accountable to the public.

Responsible Companies & Countries  – Businesses should pay 1% of their profits to Foreign aid. BRIC’s and emerging economies should divert 2% of their company profits to development initiatives within their own Nations. Offshore territories’ should encourage residents to donate to Real Aid. <

The MM Aid Model has the potential to raise $100bn of Real Aid annually, when implemented across the target richer nations to help overcome the mass anguish and instability associated with poverty some decades earlier than thought otherwise possible.

The MM AID Model

Renu Mehta and Sir Jim Mirrlees in office

MM Aid Model Co-authors

The MM Aid Model was devised, developed and expanded by Nobel Laureate Economist Sir James Mirrlees (M) and Fortune Forum founder Renu Mehta (M).

MM have volunteered their time and energy in driving this bold policy initiative in their joint pursuit of dramatically increasing the volume of aid, optimizing its effectiveness and by applying proper accountability of these funds.

BUT UK Aid Match only matches 0.3% of UK Foreign Aid Budget* 

While we applaud the UK’s leadership on adapting the MM Aid Model ideas, the UK can do so much more. Such as increasing the match funding available. Such as working with us to ‘export’ this Aid Match success around the globe. Such as untying aid.

*We have based our calculation of Total UK Aid matching programmes totalling £502m running between 2011-2023 as a percentage of the £151877m Total Official Development Assistance (ODA) for the same period (2023 ODA is estimated), to give an average yearly percentage of 0.33%.

Real Aid Parliament and Policy, G20

Imagine if 3% of the UK Foreign Aid budget is used to match fund the organisations that we want to support this could positively impact over a billion people around the globe.*

If the major G8 countries used 3% of their aid budget to match fund private donations this could bring in enough money to reach all of the world’s poorest people.*

Governments largely respond to strong public opinion – If you take action, you can help influence all of the richer OECD Nations to take on the MM Aid Model, this could bring in around $100bn that can be invested in the world’s poorest so they can take charge of their own lives. 

*Based on the same UK Aid Match 5 year period success outcomes.

MM Aid Action Movie

– The rescue plan is here

Watch this short film to find out more about the MM Aid Model and see how we can make Real Aid a reality.

Child Poverty, Closeup portrait

If YOU were living in desperate poverty would you want ME to help you?

We must help the poorest people win their struggle.

But there is only one problem. To have our donations matched in all the richer countries and to demand that Governments make aid more effective, we need to call on those Governments to take up the MM Aid Model ideas.

To turn the tide, to fix this unjust aid system.

If enough of us get behind the Real Aid Campaign we can defeat poverty. FASTER.

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