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Parliamentarians for Real Aid

Your local representatives, known as Parliamentarians, are involved in the drafting, introduction, implementation and enforcement of legislation that directly impacts the citizens who put them in office. Parliamentarians have an oversight role in society and are accountable to their constituents for good governance, and to ensure that governments deliver services that are value for tax payers money. Accountable parliamentarians are at the heart of a fully functioning democracy, answering to the will of the people who elected them in the first place. So, by speaking up and communicating that delivering Real Aid is important to us they hear our call for Real Aid and act in our best interest – that’s why signing the Real Aid petition in your own Country is vital. Remember, Parliamentarians work for us, and we need them to hold governments to account for the genuine implementation of their international commitments on Foreign Aid.

To strengthen the role of Parliamentarians in tackling specific issues of inequality and global poverty we are emphasising the role that a free and vibrant media has in keeping governments in check. We have therefore set up a dedicated media portal ‘Parliamentarian Voices’ as an international platform for Parliamentarians to comment directly and freely about unjust laws that should be redressed or progressive aid policies that ought to be debated and advanced. This platform sets out to create a multi-nation alliance of parliamentarians to ensure that the voice of their citizens is heard in pursuit of fighting for equality and justice for the World’s poorest people whilst defending press freedoms.

Parliamentarians particularly in the emerging economies of the world are encouraged to assist not only their constituents and countries, but to foster the development cooperation process between developed and developing countries alike who can benefit from the dissemination and sharing of policy ideas and successes, especially those that engage civil society and development stakeholders.

This free of charge service is uniquely open to elected parliamentarians from across party lines who are currently serving in government and from opposition parties from all countries. Parliamentarians can continue to voice their concerns on this platforms even after they have left their posts because their unique insights and influence in the process of advancing positive and practical responses to major global sustainable development challenges would add depth to the dialogue.

Parliamentarians for Real Aid

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