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Real Aid Activists are our frontline campaigners to help global roll-out of the MM model, a rescue plan setting out to raise an additional $100bn annually of improved international aid.

By being a Real Aid Activist you could earn cash by selling official merchandise to your friends and neighbours and in doing so build support by getting more people to sign up to REAL AID at the same time! We massively subsidise our Starter Packs to help you get started so you only need to invest a small amount of money to be your own boss and become a Real Aid Activist!

Anyone can do it; all you need to do is purchase a starter pack which will also give you unlimited access to our online training and support. * Real Aid Activists must be min. 18 years of age to qualify.

Why should you join? By becoming a ‘Real Aid Activist’, you will be part of a powerful international movement to roll-out the MM model worldwide, helping to eliminate poverty perhaps decades sooner and helping to end the global injustice of the overseas aid system.

You work the hours that you want, when you want. You just need a passion for the cause to become a successful Real Aid Activist and the profits you earn will keep you inspired!

The assorted merchandise range will be sold to you at dramatically reduced rates so that you can earn up to 50%* margin/double your initial investment. (*excluding delivery and handling costs which vary region to region).

There is no joining fee. You don’t even have to have a car. You only need to purchase a Real Aid Activist starter pack where you will receive:

➢ Either the iconic wheelie case or shoulder bags & beret
➢ Assorted branded merchandise in small quantities at bulk prices
➢ Recommended Retail Price (RRP) card (downloadable)
➢ Online training, guidance and support

The difference your support could make. The MM Model ideas/policy implementation has raised £212m and counting of REAL AID from the UK Government. Best of all, this aid has impacted 100 million lives. The aim now, after this successful pilot and scale up, is to work towards full UK implementation and global roll-out of the scheme in order to reach its full funding potential of $100bn. The more people that you contact, the more people are likely to purchase official merchandise from you and the more people will be aware of the campaign!

Become a Real Aid Activist today. By joining our network, you will become part of a global movement to fix this unjust aid system. Your frontline actions will be directly contributing to the success of the campaign; building its support base and profile, helping to alleviate the poverty & hardship felt by billions throughout the world.

By taking this unique opportunity to join the Real Aid Activists movement, you can spread the message of the Real Aid campaign with the chance to earn some money whilst you do so!

At a glance Steps for getting started

FAQ’s on Becoming a Real Aid Activist

When you apply to become a Real Aid Activist you have agreed to promote and independently sell official Real Aid campaign merchandise from the website ‘Store’ to third parties as a principal, selling them solely on their own account. The first step is to register by purchasing a Real Aid Starter pack in the Starter Packs section of the website Store which will give you access to free on line training guides helping you to become a Real Aid Activist.
No. The Real Aid Activist shall have no financial obligation as a Real Aid Activist from the commencement date of signing up other than to pay for the Products ordered, and the initial purchase of the Real Aid Activist’s starter kit.
When you are registered you will receive a confirmation email along with a log in code to access the Real Aid Activists corner of the website. In this section of the website there is a comprehensive training toolkit and guidelines which you are required to observe, alongside other useful materials; including downloadable resources, to aid your success as a Real Aid Activist. In addition to the online support in the Real Aid Activists corner of the website, you can email any queries using the contact form on our website.
You will be able to purchase campaign merchandise as and when you require it. You can replenish your stocks by purchasing bulk items at our special bulk rates. Minimum quantities apply, see each item for details. There is also the option to buy Real Aid packs which have a combination of pre-discounted merchandise in each one, alternatively you could design your own pack based on what you think will sell well but a minimum purchase spend applies.
Our aim is to for YOU to earn money whilst spreading the REAL AID message; we do not run complicated commission based reward programmes’ for reaching milestones because 50% margin is a very high profit margin compared to independent consultants selling retails products BUT mobilising actions for REAL AID should be your reward.We do however offer further discounts based on the Bulk Rates page as opposed to commission based sales. We believe that by purchasing goods on your own initiative in line with the principles of running your own business we can pass on huge savings to you - Profit margins based on our RRP, when purchasing at our bulk rates or upon reaching purchase targets (as seen in the Bulk Rates section) from 50%*.*gross profit excluding postage and packaging costs which will be calculated and added to the end of your purchase.
Don’t worry! We have produced a comprehensive training pack that will provide you with the tools you require to succeed. People you talk to about the campaign will want to buy the merchandise in order to support the Real Aid Campaign and spread its message. The products are pretty cool too!
Once you have received your starter kit and read through the necessary training materials and guidelines, you will be ready to go! Start door to door selling or schedule your first party! You decide which is best suited for you.
No. As a Real Aid Activist, you are self-employed. As an entrepreneur one of the benefits of having your own business is that you can work the hours that you want, enabling you to balance being a Real Aid Activist around other commitments.
If you have any queries about becoming a Real Aid Activist you can contact the support helpdesk via the contact form on our website and selecting Aid Activists and we can arrange a call to discuss your queries if a return email is not satisfactory.
After you have registered to become a Real Aid Activist and ordered a starter pack you are entitled to return the goods in full within a 14 day period, and upon receiving the pack in its entirety and provided the products are returned in the same condition as supplied to you, you will be awarded a full refund for your purchase.
An example of profit margin can be seen here - We have two Real Aid Activist packs, the action starter pack and the Real Aid starter pack. If you purchase the action starter pack you can earn up to £26* profit selling at the RRP, (RRP provided in a downloadable PDF in the Real Aid Activist section of the website). If you purchase the Real Aid starter pack you can earn up to £36.83* in profit selling at the RRP. Profit margins, based on our RRP, when purchasing at our bulk rates or upon reaching purchase targets (as seen in the Bulk Rates section) from up to 50%.*gross profit before postage and packaging costs.
Customers can see a range of products before buying and receive a personalised service from an Activist. Best of all, the customer will save money by buying them direct from the Activist as the customer does not have to pay any delivery or packing charges that would normally be paid when purchasing products online. They also have a good chance to share their passion for development and overseas issues.

WARNING: It is illegal for a promoter or a participant in a trading scheme to persuade anyone to make a payment by promising benefits from getting others to join a scheme. Do not be misled by claims that high earnings are easily achieved. N.B. Be sure to check with your local tax regulations before becoming a Real Aid Activist as you will need to declare your earnings and this may have implications on any benefits or tax breaks you receive.


I would like to become a Real Aid Activist so I can empower more people to join the fight for Real Aid and develop my entrepreneurial skills and in doing so feel good.


I do not want to become a Real Aid Activist, even it if means losing the chance of earning money whilst selling Real Aid producst and missing out on the social benefits.