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As an international development aid reform organisation, we produce policy, educational and advocacy resources to catalyse grassroots and policy leadership to advance the breakthrough $100bn MM Aid Model - to clean up Foreign Aid, and to double its funding for global charities.
It’s high time WE demand Real Aid.

It's OUR Aid; billions of dollars.
It's millions of LIVES on the line.

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Swap 2 hours of Entertainment to make a stand for Equality

1. Get Informed

Ditch the addictive box sets, reality tv shows and gaming consoles to Watch DISPARITY Film featuring 9 Nobel Laureates & Sir Ben Kingsley – so united we can be informed and empowered to take on the entrenched vested interests of Government Foreign Aid and to power a major solution.

The Real Aid Campaign is advancing the $100b MM Aid Model that is actively transforming aid policies to deliver more aid more directly through frontline organisations.

2. Be empowered

Giving to global charities is great but it’s not enough, if people want to fix the structural problems of rampant inequality and poverty that ravage more than half the world’s populations we need to fix the $150bn Government Foreign aid industry which is more than double than we give directly to overseas charities.

Share DISPARITY Film on YouTube to amplify our demand to clean-up Foreign Aid and to double its funding for global charities.

3. Show you care

Challenge someone you know or famous on social media to take the same challenge. We are connecting citizens to charities in a brand new way; to untie aid and to influence policy to unlock the billions of dollars needed to scale up the work of frontline charities.

This is an urgent message to citizens who are key to driving the mass movement for Real Aid. If you would like to show more support – Buy the Tiger Tim Tote.


Host a Disparity
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