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Ethical Statement

CmiA is a standard for sustainable cotton from sub-Saharan Africa, which cares equally about social, economic and ecological criteria and thus pursues a holistic approach to sustainability. CmiA cotton is produced exclusively by smallholder farmers in rain-fed cultivation and without the use of genetically modified seeds. The CmiA standard includes certification at field level and cotton ginning factory. An intelligent management of the arable land reduces the environmental impact to the necessary. Thanks to efficient farming methods, farmers can earn higher incomes and improve living conditions for themselves and their families on their own.

For cultivation as well as for ginning, the ILO core labor standards, which include gender equality as well as the prohibition of exploitative child labor or trafficking of human beings, apply. All criteria of the CmiA standard are summarized in a criteria matrix and are regularly checked by external, independent auditors before the CmiA certificate is awarded.

women picking sustainable cotton

Only CmiA registered cotton traders with a valid partnership agreement can buy CmiA cotton as certified CmiA cotton and resell it to registered spinning mills worldwide. Only CmiA registered spinners who have a current CmiA certificate are allowed to buy and process CmiA cotton and label their products with the CmiA brand. Part of the registration process for cotton traders and mills is the signing of the CmiA Code of Conduct and continuous reporting to the Aid by Trade Foundation to ensure traceability and transparency for CmiA cotton in the textile supply chain.

In buying a CmiA-labelled product, consumers help to support cotton farmers in Africa and protect nature. More at www.cottonmadeinafrica.org.

In a social media era of campaigning, this Tiger Tim Cotton Essentials range features activist slogans for socially conscious consumers and fashionistas to express our collective campaigning through our buying choices which would send a clear message calling for more caring production practices. These are not empty slogans, these products are ‘walking the talk’ – campaigning for high impact programmes and policies.

Social justice hero Tiger Tim is not a fictional hero, he is driving real change. Against a backdrop of vast inequality, Tiger Tim is the Real Aid Campaign mascot, a super cute hero cub, will help keep social justice issues, particularly poverty and climate change issues high on the global agenda.

By buying the Tiger Tim Cotton Essentials range you are helping to raise awareness for CmiA who are empowering African smallholder cotton farmers to trade themselves out of poverty, as well as driving the Real Aid Campaign which is actively transforming policies to deliver bigger and better aid. To help charities to scale, to help overcome some of the biggest threats facing humanity.

Tiger Tim, the Otto group and Cotton Made in Africa are working together to help create more sustainability and transparency in the textile supply chain and we align our brand values with a core belief that citizens, civil society, corporations and countries should unite to overcome poverty and climate change.

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About Cotton Made in Africa (CmiA)

CmiA trains African smallholder farmers in sustainable and efficient cultivation methods helping them to lift themselves and their families out of poverty. CmiA cotton is rain-fed cultivated thereby saving scarce water resources to help protect nature. About one million cotton farmers across 10 Africa countries cooperate with CmiA and six million family members benefit from the support. CmiA was founded by one of Germany’s most successful entrepreneurs, Prof. Dr. Michael Otto.

The Otto Group is a globally active group of retailers and retail-related service providers with around 52,560 employees and sales of 13.4 billion euros. Through 30 major company groups it has a presence in more than 30 countries in Europe, North and South America, and Asia. Chaired by Germany’s leading corporate sustainability pioneer and prominent entrepreneur, Dr. Michael Otto, The Otto Group is one of the world’s largest online retailers.