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MM Model UK key policy recommendation Successes

Impact achieved to date

The MM Aid Model core ideas that have been taken up by the UK Department for International Development (DFID) include;

a) For Government to utilise its aid budget to match and therefore galvanise private sector overseas donations (from individuals, corporates and foundations

b) To set up a ‘Private Sector’ office to optimise (and service) sizable donations, also for defined initiatives. Our other recommendations taken up include the setting up of an Independent Audit of Aid and a Global Innovation Fund. These concepts have been developed and adapted by DFID whereby the UK Government matches charity appeals through their formation of UK Aid Match.

DFID independently developed MM’s central ideas with its formation of UK Aid Match programme which has already raised over £200m and counting, impacting over 100m lives. Building on this, the aim is to work towards full UK implementation.

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